kingfisher…. that wont keep still long enough

October 17th, 2010


Im always trying to get a good shot of a kingfisher but they move so quickly, they had a tough year last year with the hard winter, but we do have a couple back and im hoping to see a family of them in the next couple years.

slightly blury shot of a kestrel

October 17th, 2010


title says it all realy, this bird is a resident who breeds every year, she seems to be getting more used to me so expect better shots in the future.

about time for some photos…

October 17th, 2010


as promised some of my photos…

this is another older picture i took about a year ago, of one of the cygnets.

Roe Deer

September 9th, 2010

This is a video i took almost exactly a year ago, i found where the deer were during the day and it was just a matter of sneaking up on them unheard, this was my second try as the first time they heard my wallet creek in my pocket, if you move slowly they dont mind and if you keep still enough they will come to investigate. I will eventualy get some pictures up.

September 1st, 2010

a video shot last autumn, it was amazing seeing one of these birds in the flesh, even if it was eating my fish.

Hello world!

August 31st, 2010

Hello world…. (ok that might be a little ambitious).

This blog has been set up to promote wildlife and share my experiences as a groundsman and hopfully my photography and dodgey video work, im hoping to regularly add new posts with pictures and video to keep anyone who subscribes entertained.  There are some amazing things ive seen over the last 9 years, from otters to ospreys and even orchids, i’ll be posting mostly current stuff but i will put up highlights from the past.

I hope you enjoy it, and if you like any of the photos message me as theyre are available for sale. Some of the profit may well go towards setting up cameras around the park and more than likely towards a much needed telephoto lens.

Our resident cob mute swan