Roe Deer

This is a video i took almost exactly a year ago, i found where the deer were during the day and it was just a matter of sneaking up on them unheard, this was my second try as the first time they heard my wallet creek in my pocket, if you move slowly they dont mind and if you keep still enough they will come to investigate. I will eventualy get some pictures up.

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  1. Boasty says:

    Nice mate. Whilst I love dear I went off Roe Dear when my car got in it’s way. Very good video work especially when you think that Roe usually bolt off at the slightest sound (creek of a wallet).

  2. admin says:

    Im thinking of setting up a hide, at the right time of year they are often in that spot, would be nice to be able to go watch them without disturbing them, could even start feeding them in front of the hide.

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